Shut That Baby Up!

April 11, 2014 — 6 Comments crying baby

Traveling today on an airplane next to the infamous crying. Screaming fidgety babies, while annoying, don’t bother me that much. Granted it’s unpleasant, but having had 2 kids myself I have the expertise to educate the baby-less in this little known fact.

Believe it or not, one cannot reason with an infant. This always makes me consider why people are so intolerant of the mini human. It is selfishness and hypocrisy to the nth degree. Why? First off, we’ve all been the crying baby at least once in their life. Somewhere somebody’s memory of traveling was the horrific non-stop screaming of a baby, and that baby was you!

We don’t remember being the out of control infant because we were too young and self absorbed to recall or frankly to care, kind of a metaphor for our adult life and how God puts up with us huh? The crying baby really only understands one thing at this stage in their life, whatever they want they want now!

Being as they are unable to articulate their need, from hunger, to can you remove this foreign substance from my pants; they do all they know how to do…scream.

Is it selfish, of course? Because frankly they aren’t aware there are others in the universe yet. What they have learned quickly is if you feel hungry and scream, suddenly your needs are met and the hunger goes away. As we mature some of us are taught that what we desire doesn’t suddenly become out “right”.

The Christian concept of putting others needs ahead of yourself is what sets us apart from our nature. We discipline ourselves to become servants to all in order to demonstrate what Christ did for humanity. It’s a lot of responsibility to be “like Christ” Especially because if we are late and something bad happens, we get fired, or get a ticket, or miss the game, which is why God invented cable TV.

When Jesus was late and somebody DIED, He had the option to revive them. Showing off? Sure. But if I was the Son of God stuck amongst a bunch of knuckleheads, I suppose a few miracles would help pass the time as well as set up some interesting dinner conversation. “Peter what did you do today? Oh I fished on the sea, and you Lord? Oh ..I walked across it.

So in the future when you come across the crying baby, perhaps the Christian thing to do would be to see if you could help the poor mother or frustrated dad. The least we can do is be compassionate, understanding and a little less self-absorbed.

The irony is these “adults” that sigh in disgust, keep looking back in anger and loathing are actually acting more like babies than the crying one. You see the crying baby doesn’t have a choice, we do.

  • Tom K.

    If more people would ” serve ” and drop the ” me ” centeredness, what a wonderful world it would be. Jesus Christ served to the point of death and beyond.

  • machodog

    Amazing how the mere mortal man labels Jesus and God as having lowly “human” attributes.

    • Dianne

      That was God’s choice, not ours, machodog. He created us in His image. He said so.

      • machodog

        Who appointed you as spokesman for what God thinks and does?? Those of you who say “God did this for this reason or that reason” are trying to tell us what God was thinking. How dare you put lowly human attributes to God. You don’t have a clue why God does what he does or how he thinks. Grow a brain.

  • sweetqueen777

    It is not really about the poor crying baby. It is about the parents who do not care that their child is rattling the last nerve some of us have. It is about the parents who take their cranky babies to the restraunt, and totally are oblivious to the fact that some of us are trying to have a “special” occasion with our spouse in a nice place. It is about the fact that we paid a sitter, yet we are forced to deal with their unruly children. Many do not even attempt to instruct their children in appropriate behavior, but rather, want us to simply accept little Johnnie’s tantrums. I love my children and grandchildren, but if they cannot behave appropriately in a public place, I DO NOT TAKE THEM WITH ME!!!!!

    • machodog

      I agree with you one hundred percent. I taught my kids that they’d better behave in public. Parents nowadays are deaf to their childrens’ rants and they’re wondering what the hell’s the matter with you if you show disapproval of your ears being subjected to 120+ decibels.
      However, the demand of you having to be accepting of bad behavior is not limited to that of children. You are expected, anymore, to tolerate all sorts of bad behavior in adults.