Actor Hits Back at Anti-Christian, Anti-Conservative Bias in Hollywood — But He Doesn’t Totally Let People of Faith Off the Hook

July 18, 2014 — 6 Comments stine2

Actor and comedian Brad Stine, a conservative Christian whose new film “Persecuted” opens Friday, has achieved success as an entertainer, though he says he’s seen and experienced persecution at the hands of Hollywood elite.

Rather than overt discrimination, he said it’s common for Christians and conservatives in Hollywood to simply sense that something isn’t quite right — to feel that there is an unspoken disagreement or quiet hostility toward their worldview.

For example, Stine said he once pitched a sitcom centered on a conservative character in 2004, highlighting the negative reaction he received from an executive as evidence of possible ideological discrimination.

“We [Christians] make our own films because they won’t green-light ours…”

“In the politics of the sitcom was one character who was a conservative guy who was church going, but his family was very different,” he said. “He’s surrounded by liberal ideas and that’s what makes it funny.”

But he said a female executive made it clear that the idea would never see the light of day, which he said was likely rooted in the show’s subject matter.

But while Stine said there’s plenty of persecution in Hollywood, he was careful to distinguish between what Christians face in the entertainment industry from the harsh and often deadly situations believers battle in restrictive nations around the world.

What American Christians face is generally a “soft” form of persecution, Stine said.

“I wouldn’t even begin to compare the soft persecution of Hollywood in the U.S. with the persecution my Christian brethren face in China and the Middle East,” he said.

Still, Stine highlighted the notable challenges that conservative Christians sometimes face in an industry that generally embraces a very different set of values.

“Unless you’ve already made it like Jon Voight or Gary Sinise … and you’re a conservative, they kind of leave you alone, because they care more about the money than the ideology, but if you haven’t made it yet the shot of getting in is very slim,” he said. “We [Christians] make our own films because they won’t green-light ours … we have to find backdoors and continue to find backdoors.”

But while he believes Hollywood has shunned Christian and conservative projects, Stine doesn’t let believers off the hook entirely, noting that a lack of sophistication in storytelling has traditionally plagued faith-based entertainment.

“The struggle has been on one hand being shut out, diminished or basically not even allowed in the game — that’s the sort persecution and soft censorship [I mentioned], but there’s also a self-censorship,” Stine continued. “Because so few films were allowed … a very specific template was created. It was very much like a dramatized sermon.”

While he said this Christian movie template worked for reaching Christians, it hasn’t translated into helping the rest of the world connect to biblical messages in feature films, he contended.

Stine touted the power of film over the culture, noting that when Vice President Joe Biden cited TV show “Will and Grace” as having a profound impact on views surrounding homosexuality, he realized the influence Hollywood can have — an influence he believes Christians and conservatives can utilize.

“If our vice president is getting his political savvy from sitcoms, then apparently this is an area that cannot be ignored,” Stine said. “We need to use the same means that progressives do to change how [Americans see issues].”

Stine plays Pastor Ryan Morris in “Persecuted,” a movie that focuses on a prominent Christian evangelist who is framed for the murder of a teenage girl after he refuses to endorse a bill in Congress that would usher in legalized religious persecution in America.

  • NelsonDoyle

    I have been seeing the movie trailers of this new movie in my area and I cannot wait to go to the theater to watch it. Christian films are getting better and more accepted by mainstream audiences. I have been a supporter of the Christian film industry for over 10 years and have purchased many Christian produced movies to share with family and friends. I am so terribly happy to watch this movie genre and industry mature and the stories are getting better and the acting is improving too.

    I will be sure to write a movie review after seeing the movie “Persecuted” to post on all three of my Christian blogs, so that all of my loyal readers can know about the film especially if they had not heard about it from some other source.

    Mr. Stine, I hope and pray that God will pour all of His blessings on your ministry and open new doors to make your film “Persecuted” successful out in the mainstream movie going market. Let’s hope and pray that those people who do not yet know the Son of God Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior will begin seeking Him and wanting to know Him as Lord and Savior.

    Hopefully more people will turn to The Word of God, so to get to know God by and through His Word as it is written and recorded in the pages of The Holy Bible. We cannot ever stop fighting to win the hearts and souls of the lost sheep in this present lost and fallen world. Let’s all step up and carryout the Great Commission to preach the Gospel of the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ who laid His own life down on the Cross of Calvary to pay for the sins of the world and to save all who will repent of their sins and believe, accept and follow Him (Jesus Christ) as their Lord and Savior.

    With brotherly love, your brother in Jesus Christ,

    NelsonDoyle (Christian blog and Bible Studies)

    • felix1999

      People in general are getting tired of the same old liberal dribble. It’s no longer sensational or shocking. For example, they barely exchange names and their having their “honeymoon”. Their dialogue consists of the “f” word every sentence or every other sentence. The plot is stupid so when all else fails maybe the “special effects” keep your attention. All in all it’s become utter trash.

  • felix1999

    I understand the criticism he speaks of. Soul Surfer didn’t have that. It is a TRUE story and grabbed the attention of a typical young girl, being disobedient, paying a consequence and then amazingly turning her life around through Christ. I LOVE true stories!

    There are many everyday situations that could be written about. Take the series Man Men, it’s clear they HATE capitalism, exaggerate what took place in that era and liberals are the real heroes. Imagine a series about a family where, instead of just sending the child off to school, the camera goes to school IN the history class and the typical LIBERAL, GOD bashing stuff comes up. Do an episode on that and how to properly handle it. Have a “shut down” happen where the PRINCIPLE or someone is ARMED and prevents carnage. These are REAL situations that happen all the time. The tragic ones are the ones we hear about.

    How about this for a situation, and this actually happened in a Plainsboro NJ public middle school – she was waiting for her bus after school on school property when a bunch of guys physically assaulted her. Their objective was to get her on the ground and rip off her gold chain and cross that she always wore for a necklace. During this she was called every ugly name in the book then ran away. NO ONE HELPED HER. They ran away to get help. Help arrived and she was checked out at the local hospital – broken arm, black eyes and bruises all over. She was lucky. They identified the kids through video tape and got them EXPELLED. They admitted they HATED Christians and they could stand seeing her or her cross. They were MUSLIMS. One more thing when they ripped the chain and cross off her neck, they stomped on it breaking the chain and damaging the cross. The principle required them to have it repaired too. THIS IS A TRUE STORY and it NEVER made the paper. I only know of it through my daughter at her youth group. It was her friend and I spoke with her mother about it.

    Another episode could show someone slowly being converted. There are TONS of every day situations to write about and act out. They are missing a HUGE market that is EAGER for something worthwhile to watch and enjoy.

  • Ray – Jesus is the Son of God.

    December – 2013

    Events in the world of eschatology raced in 2013. Here is just a short list of how God’s end-time prophetic scenario moved ahead throughout the year:

    ➡︎ America’s complete betrayal of Israel. As Rep. Louie Gohmert says, “It was intentional and they had been putting pressure on Israel not to defend themselves. I’m told by people in Israel that you wouldn’t believe the pressure that this administration has brought to bear on Israel not to defend herself.” The current U.S. administration are cheering for Israel’s annihilation. No, that’s not too strong of a comment.

    ➡︎ The predicted “perilous times” of II Timothy 3 have escalated. David Horowitz’s FrontPageMag asked in a headline on September 12, “What If Islamists Took Control of the White House?” On September 12, 2001, that was inconceivable. Today it is a reality.

    ➡︎ We have seen the rise of lawlessness starting with the highest leaders in the land. Laws are broken with the stroke of a pen. The U.S. Constitution is ignored by American leaders acting in a totalitarian manner. Such leadership lawlessness inevitably leads to the lawlessness of the people under them. Charles Krauthammer writes an insightful article about the “breathtaking lawlessness” of our times here. Matthew 24:12 refers to the rise of lawlessness in the last days.

    ➡︎ It was open season on Jews and Christians in 2013. Neither were safe. And the facts and truths of these stories were hidden by almost all media outlets except the Internet and Christian radio. The media will report perceived offenses to Muslims but not to Jews or Christians worldwide. In many countries, there is but a pile of ashes where once stood a church. This article calls the global war on Christians the “unreported catastrophe of our times.”

    ➡︎ God’s Word is now called “hate material” & talking about God’s laws is called “hate speech.” So-called hate crime laws are now in place to promote wickedness and silence God’s
    children, even God Himself if that were possible.

    ➡︎ The Cult of Leftism has many tenets, and it demands full compliance with all of them, but nothing in its creed compares to the sanctity of their two great sacraments: child murder and sodomy. You must not question these, but tolerance alone will not be good enough. You must celebrate them, too. You must worship at their altar. You must sing hallelujah at the mention of their names. You must fight for a society where infanticide and gay sex are awarded a protected and privileged position. When a man decides to kill babies for a living, you must call him a ‘health care provider’ and a ‘healer.’ When a man decides to announce to the world that he enjoys sex with other men, you must call him a ‘hero’ and a ‘pioneer.’ You must quite literally give him awards for his courage.

    ➡︎ Christians in the military were banned from sharing their faith (later rescinded). Such outfits as The American Family Association were called a “hate group.” The IRS asked Christian groups applying for non-profit status what the content of their prayers was. Such marginalization is predicted for the last days.

    ➡︎ If we are to look for signs in nature then we cannot dismiss the significance of one of the deadliest storms ever — Typhoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines late in the year. It will take years for the region to recover. There was “perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves with hearts fainting for fear . . . ” (Luke 21:25-27).

    ➡︎ Many are asking if Gog is rising? Vladmir Putin has made a resurgence in world influence thanks to the decline of America and her current weak leadership. Putin is viewed by some as a savior in the Middle East for holding off an invasion of Syria. Putin smells blood in the water and is in the process of seizing global leadership away from President Obama. Ezekiel 38-39 refer to Gog of the land of Magog, a national force that will invade Israel in the latter years. Magog is the land to the uttermost north of Israel.

    ➡︎ The Antichrist system is now in place. We learned in 2013 that spying is big business, even on American citizens. You are never alone! There is always somebody snooping over your shoulder! There is more info on you than you could imagine. Thus, the Antichrist system is being installed today. It will be ready to go when he arrives and he is crowned as a temporary king.

    ➡︎ Hating God became a passionate sport. Atheist churches are springing up around the world complete with sermons, songs, and offerings. They proclaim the “mock of ages,” not the “rock of ages.” God as the source of absolute truth and moral authority has to go! They have a “form of godliness” but deny its power (II Timothy 3). Their motto is, “I believe in life before death.”

    ➡︎ Cash isn’t dead yet but it is on life support. Even plastic could go by the wayside. The path is being made easy for an Antichrist system of global economic opportunity. It appears that Israel will be the world’s first cashless society….

    ➡︎ The further decline in man’s character as men and women in high places, who should be setting a high standard as to morals and behavior, displayed abysmal character traits. The highest leaders of our land are proud liars, cheaters, and workers of iniquity. And they never even blush about their seared consciences.This is foretold in many places but most obviously in II Timothy 3.

    ➡︎ The longing for a “man with a plan,” a “Mr.Fix-It,” grew more intense this year. Even actor Mel Gibson said,”Someone must rise from the ashes and save us.” He was referring to government instability and dysfunction. He does not know that the man waiting in the wings known as the Antichrist, will talk a good game but will set the world on its final deadly course.

    ➡︎ The great end-time apostasy marches on. While not all churches are dysfunctional, one study concludes nearly 150,000 America churches are nearly terminal. That’s almost 40% of U.S. churches. Frustration and conflict lead to a revolving door of pastors and apathy reigns within many. Folks will flock to false teachers and to seeker-sensitive churches where the true gospel is never preached.

    Please visit our Bible Prophecy website:

    • rob

      you couldn’t be more on spot ….. thanks Ray

  • Kellymatthew Barnes

    The IMC (Industrial Media Complex) is an anti-Christian institution, so none of this comes as a shock.